Trenchless Sewer Repair

Why Trenchless Sewer Repair Technology is the Best Option for Homeowners in Baltimore, MD?

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Do you cringe at the thought of the work that is needed for a sewer repair? Traditional methods used to Repair a sewer pipe will require digging up the ground on a residential or commercial property. However, this is not the case when a trenchless sewer repair method is available. There are actually many reasons why trenchless sewer repair technology is the best option for homeowners in Baltimore, MD.

The Cost Savings

The cost for conventional Sewer pipe replacement will vary depending on the size of the job and where pipes are located. However, most conventional jobs are extensive as the pipes need to be located before machinery is brought in to excavate the ground. This can be a few thousand dollars to over $20,000 for a major undertaking.

Many people may not actually know that trenchless sewer repair is an option. Homeowners who are in a bind and need a repair done fast and may not research their options. Choosing a conventional repair can actually cost more money and do a tremendous amount of damage to a landscape. This is not a concern when trenchless sewer repair is used.

There are actually two types of trenchless sewer repair methods that can be used. One is known as pipe lining and the other is called pipe bursting. Both of these are actually less invasive and cost less to have done than a conventional sewer repair.

The Process

Pipe liming is a process that involves applying an epoxy resin that acts as a new lining for the existing sewer pipe. A tube that is coated with epoxy resin is inserted into the new pipe that is inflated before it hardens into a new pipe The old pipe is reduced in diameter, but waste flow is not affected,

Pipe bursting is similar to pipe lining, but this process involves pulling a new pipe through the old one which bursts it outward. The result is a brand new sewer pipe.

The trenchless repair option that will be used will depend on the condition of the existing pipe. A pipe lining repair will be best for sealing cracks and closing any gaps. A pipe bursting repair will be a good option is the existing pipe has too much damage or is too degraded to use.

The Benefits

One of the main benefits of trenchless sewer repair is not having to excavate the ground. This will save a lot of money and also time because no big machinery is needed. If piping is located under the sidewalk or part of a road, it won’t need to be ripped up and repaired.

Pipe bursting and pipe lining will typically last about 50 years. This is because the pipe that is replaced is a type of hardened epoxy that will not crack, break, or rust. The new piping is also not susceptible to damage by tree roots or activity from animals.

Unlike conventional sewer repairs that may take multiple days to complete, trenchless sewer repair can be done in less than one day. The water to a home or business will be shut off before the work is started and will be turned back on in just a few hours.

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