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Root Canal in Poway CA: A Great Treatment for Saving Teeth


Have you recently been told that you need a root canal in Poway CA? If so, you might have wondered what exactly is involved and why it’s even necessary. Root canal therapy is an extremely useful treatment that is a great option for saving badly infected teeth.

A root canal is necessary if the pulp of your tooth has become infected. The pulp is right at the center of the tooth and contains nerves and blood vessels. It’s needed when the tooth is developing, but a fully developed adult tooth can survive perfectly well without the pulp, although the tooth is considered to be non-vital after treatment.

How Does the Tooth Become Infected?

A tooth pulp can become infected if you have a cavity that wasn’t treated in time or perhaps had a filling that has become loose or crumbled away, allowing bacteria in the mouth to enter the tooth. Bacteria can also get inside if you have a chip or crack in the tooth that hasn’t been mended.

Having an infected tooth can be extremely painful, which is why we urge anyone who has toothache to visit our office as soon as possible to reduce the chance of the tooth becoming abscessed. There is a much greater chance that root canal therapy will be able to help, the earlier the infection is caught and treated.

What Will Happen During A Root Canal In Poway CA?

Root canal therapy is very straightforward and can be carried out under a local anesthetic to ensure you are completely comfortable at all times. We will access the pulp through the crown of the tooth to clean it out completely.

We’ll also use specially shaped files to clean out the root canals that are attached to the pulp and that extend into the tooth roots. Once all the infected tissue is removed, the empty pulp and root canals are thoroughly disinfected.

At this stage we may place antibiotics into the empty pulp, particularly if the infection was quite severe and it’s quite possible that the tooth will be temporarily sealed up. This is to ensure that all the infection is completely removed before we fully restore the tooth.

A tooth that has had a root canal in Poway CA might be restored with a filling if it is right in the front of the mouth, or more likely with a crown if it is at the back of the mouth. There is no reason why a root-treated tooth shouldn’t last for many years, but occasionally a tooth can become re-infected and may require further treatment.

Root canal therapy is excellent for saving teeth, but we’d much prefer it if you didn’t have an infected tooth in the first place. The best way to keep your teeth and gums healthy is to visit our office for regular check-ups and hygiene treatments. This regime should be backed up with good preventative dental care at home.

If you have a nagging toothache or perhaps are just due for a check-up, call our office today to schedule a consultation to determine if a root canal in Poway CA is what you need

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