Trenchless Pipe Lining

How Trenchless Pipe Lining is a More Affordable Choice When Compared to Other Repair Methods in Katy, Texas

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If you are a homeowner or business in Katy, Texas there eventually will come a time when you will have to deal with a damaged or broken sewer line. In some cases the reason is that the sewer line simply gets old, while in other cases the line is damaged by a tree root or other external force. The result will be that you will have to pay for the Repair or replacement of the pipe line.

There are two basic ways to approach the problem. The first is the traditional method that uses a backhoe and digs up the area to access the pipeline, then making the necessary repairs or replacing the line altogether. The second method is to use modern technology and plumbing methods to perform what is called a trenchless operation. Trenchless methods require very little digging and are far less expensive.

One of the most common trenchless methods used to repair a sewer line is to use a pipe lining. The line cannot have a major break in it, but may have gaps, cracks, or needs to be reinforced to prevent further damage. There are several alternative trenchless alternatives available, and a plumber will be able to make the best Pipe lining alternatives include recommendation for your particular situation.

The reason why in virtually every case trenchless methods are more affordable is because they do not require the use of a backhoe that tears up your property and requires the landscaping to be repaired after the sewer line is repaired. Also, adding to the expense of using a backhoe is the rental of the equipment and the additional time it takes for the repairs to be completed.

Pipe lining alternatives include:

CIPP (Cured in Place Pipe) – This is the general name for two alternatives for Repairing a sewer line. The operation begins by the plumbers hydro jetting the line to ensure there is no debris or obstructions present that would prevent the liner from being installed. Once the line is cleared, a PVC material is injected into the pipe and the liner is sealed to the inner walls of the pipe using pressurized steam.

PIP (Pull-in-place) Lining – This method has the plumbers drilling two holes, one at each end of the line that requires repair. A new liner made of a fiberglass and resin compound is dropped into one end and pulled through the other end using a wench. Once the liner is secured, it is then cured with either heat or steam to seal it in place.

Inversion Lining – This method is similar to PIP except is only requires a single hole to be dug to inject the resin compound.

Which of the two methods can be used will be determined by a structural analysis of the pipe.

The affordability of using trenchless CIPP methods is clear because there is considerably less digging, fewer man hours required to complete the operation, and your landscaping remains intact with the exception of one or two small areas. For residents of Katy, Texas it is the modern, cheaper, and environmentally safe approach to reinforce or repair existing sewer lines..

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