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How to Choose the Best Studio for Martial Arts for Children in Charlotte


These days, it seems like there are a number of martial arts studios in Charlotte, with each of them competing for your business. It’s difficult for a parent to know which martial art and which martial art school suits their children’s needs best. This article will help you make an informed decision when choosing a studio for martial arts for children in Charlotte.

Finding a good martial arts teacher for your children is ninety percent of the process.

Unfortunately only certain schools lay out formal qualification guidelines for their teachers. There are schools that have no guidelines and yet very good teachers.

Get to know a couple of the mainstream martial arts (judo, Karate, taekwondo and kickboxing, say) and learn what they have to offer and if each is right for your child. Sit through a few classes. For example, judo involves throws, locks and being pinned on the ground, so if your child is claustrophobic it wouldn’t be a good fit.

Spend a little time doing research.

Fortunately the Internet makes this much easier. Make a list of the martial arts studios in Charlotte and start checking their websites. What you should look for when choosing a studio for martial arts for children in Charlotte is a school that has a formal education program for its teachers

If a school does not have formal teaching ranks, but appears interesting to you, then pay them a visit.

Talk to the head instructor. You can learn a lot from sitting in on a couple of classes at a studio for martial arts for children in Charlotte. Does the instructor control the class well? Does the instructor keep his students’ attention for the entire class? Are the students enjoying themselves? A good instructor will engage his students and make them want to return by demonstrating that they truly care about their advancement.

Once you are happy with the instructor, take a look at the facility your child will be training in.

A good martial arts studio in Charlotte should be spotlessly clean. If you see students cleaning the hall before and after the lesson, you know this is a school that cares about the development of the whole person. Cleaning is not menial forced labor – it shows the students care about their teacher and want to preserve their art.

Lastly, when choosing a studio for martial arts for children in Charlotte check to see that the martial arts club you choose has a good reputation in your community.

This is evidence that the club and its leader, care about the students and the community they live in.

Many traditional martial arts schools tend to emphasize discipline and respect for parents and teachers by incorporating it into the physical training. This may help with troubled youth and early development of children.

You may also want to teach your children the history behind the martial art, so you might want to research it first. Remembering the history is important to some clubs.

Remember – no martial art is best for every child, but the martial arts in general definitely have benefits that apply to all children. If you are interested in registering your children in martial arts in Charlotte, please call our office or stop by and we’ll be happy to show you around.

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