How to Choose the Best Brass Door Closer for Your Commercial Building


For the premises of your business to be completely secure, you need to consider not only high-security locks and modern security systems, but door control hardware as well. You need to make your business property safe in the best way possible by installing brass door closers.

Choosing the right door closer for your project is an important task, but it doesn’t have to be an intimidating one. There are many manufacturers and product options in the door closer market, and you must carefully select the best brass door closer that fits the entrance, adequately controls the door, and complies with local and federal building regulations.

However, with a few tips and some key insight into door closers, you’ll be ready to make the right decision for your project.

Types of Door Closers for Commercial Buildings

The most common door closers in the market today are surface mounted, overhead concealed and floor mounted concealed. When choosing the best one for your application, consider these important factors:

Location and type of opening;
Interior or exterior mounting;
Volume and frequency of door traffic;
Type of door;
Size and weight of door;
Door swing;
Wind or building pressure conditions.

Surface mounted door closers are most commonly used because they provide a wide range of features and options that aren’t found on other types of door closers. They are available in four variations, including slide-track arm, regular arm surface mounted, parallel arm surface mounted and top jamb mounted.
Surface mounted brass door closers are commonly used for aluminum storefront doors and are the best option for low- to-medium traffic entrances. They are also highly economical and fairly easy to install, requiring a minimum of drilling or cutting.

Overhead-concealed door closers are best for medium-to-heavy traffic areas. They are installed and hidden from view inside the headers of storefront doors and frames. Overhead-concealed closers can be positioned in center-hung or offset arm positions with narrow, medium, or wide stile doors.

Floor mounted door closers are the most durable, longest lasting option and are necessary when dealing with heavy doors or areas with high to extreme traffic. These high efficiency closers can be easily adjusted and work best in conjunction with tall, wide or substantial storefront doors, especially those made of insulating or heavy glass.

Features to Consider When Choosing a Brass Door Closer

Once you’ve selected the right type of door closer for your property, you need to select the ideal spring size, grade and desired features. Is the door located inside or outside? What type of locking device will be used? What type of weather seals will be added to the door? Will the door closer need to overcome any internal building pressures?

Most door closers include independent adjustment valves that control the door’s closing and latching speed. These valves fast-track the door so it can overcome latching or closing resistance that’s caused by locks, panic devices, seals or internal building pressures.

Backcheck is another important feature to consider because it brakes the door when opening between 75 degrees to 90 degrees to prevent violent swinging and damage to the closer, opening frame and adjacent structures.
Regardless of which door closer you choose, it’s important to carefully review and follow the manufacturer’s installation and maintenance instructions. In many cases, when functionality issues arise early on, it is because the door closer was simply installed incorrectly. Doing it right the first time will help you avoid any extra costs, wasted time or grief.

Selecting the right door closer can mean the difference between having a successful or failed project. Paying close attention to both internal and external factors that affect your entrance doors, in addition to installing the closers properly, will produce a more rewarding and profitable outcome for all parties involved.

Following these recommendations can also help you to avoid costly repeat service warranty calls and can ultimately lengthen the life of your door and brass door closers.

If you have questions about – or are ready to purchase – door closers for your business, call us or stop by today so we can discuss your needs.

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