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How Affordable is Trenchless Pipe Lining Compared to Other Repairs?

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The problems that are often caused by faulty sewer pipes can be costly to address depending on the types of solutions available. Traditional sewer repair methods are often expensive as piping that is underground needs to be dug up using special machinery. This is why trenchless pipe lining will be the best solution for sewer repairs. You might be surprised to know how affordable trenchless pipe lining is compared to other repairs.

The upfront costs of pipe repair

Every project will be different, but the basic costs of a traditional repair job may cost around $50 up to $250 per foot of pipe. This will depend on where the sewer pipes are located, the work required, piping material, and many other factors. You could spend about $2,500 or a little less to repair pipe that might only be a 10 foot section. The bad news is many jobs are often needed repairs to more length of pipe.

There are different methods that can be used for trenchless sewer repair. You will often have the choice of pipe bursting or pipe lining depending on the nature of the repair. Pipe lining uses your existing pipe and will often have a range of $80 to about $250 per foot. Pipe bursting will replace the old pipe with a newer one and can run between $60 to $200 per foot of pipe.

One thing to keep in mind is the costs that are indicated on paper are not always the final costs that you are assessed.

Hidden costs of pipe repair

The process of trenchless pipe repair is pretty straight forward, as there are not a lot of unknowns. This is not the case with a conventional repair as there are often additional costs that may not be figured into the estimate for the work.

Something to keep in mind is the excavation work that is needed to reach underground pipes. The price estimate might include the cost of the initial excavation, but not the cost of redoing the landscape. Your pipes will be covered back up with dirt, but other landscaping would be done. This means you have the option to do the work yourself, or pay a landscaping company for their time.

Large objects that are placed over sewer pipes may need to be moved. This might be a separate price if they need to be put back after the work is done.

Repairs that need to be done on a commercial property may mean some unwanted disruption when any trench needs to be dug. This can result in lost productivity and possibly sales for the day.

Cost savings of trenchless sewer repair

The technologies that are used for trenchless sewer repairs will often bypass the hidden costs seen with conventional repairs. There will be no need to rip up a sidewalk, part of the road, or dig a trench to find underground pipes. All that is needed is an access point or two that will typically involve digging small holes to replace the existing pipe. This means there is minimal harm to your landscaping and nearly no disruptions to a business.

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